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14 Nov 2014

Celebrate Northside's 15 Years!


Bring your best to Northside tomorrow!

Northside Produce Market is celebrating 15 years tomorrow from 8am to 12pm...

And to celebrate they're running a Big Brunch & Recipe Exchange for all who go. We're sharing a few of our favourites... so get ready to enjoy!


Thanks for a big week...

Summer - and Xmas - is coming and our customers are buying up - we have to say it's giving us a taste for how Xmas might be, i.e. BUSY!

We're making sure we've got all our fish in a row - we don't do ducks in a row! - so that we can provide you with the very best for your Xmas.


Already Xmas order forms are coming in ... don't forget yours ... and we're setting the date for our last retail stockist deliveries - Tuesday 23 December.

Leisa's Fresh Fish Bonanza @ Northside

We've got the Fresh Fish Feeling again and Leisa will have beautifully fresh Barramundi, Flathead, Whiting, Ocean Trout and Atlantic Salmon for sale.

It's been great to sell some fresh fish along with smoked seafood products... Must say, though, we do like our smoking!

Markets this weekend

All our regular markets tomorrow, Saturday 15th, plus North Sydney:

Northside Produce Market: Saturday 8am-12pm
EQ/Village Market: Saturday 8am - 3pm
Eveleigh Market: Saturday 8am - 1pm       
Orange Grove Market: Saturday 8am - 1pm

See you there!

The Team @ Brilliant Food