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17 Oct 2014

Celebrate with us!

Stallholder of the Month - Northside Produce Market!

Thank you Northside Produce Market for making us Stallholder of the Month for October - can't wait till tomorrow, Saturday 18th!


As you say, Leisa's happiest day of the week is Day 6 Saturday - MARKET DAY - when she can really let people know how much she loves what she does. As well, Sydney's marvellous growers and produce markets are Leisa's windows to the world, having provided the launching pad for Brilliant Food nine years ago.

And, we especially love you talking about the quality of our raw materials - it really underlines why our products are so Brilliant!

"Demanding only the best and freshest from her suppliers, fish are delivered to the Brilliant Food Factory no more than 48 hours after harvest. Whilst the business has adopted modern technology to streamline the production process, the staff still undergo the painstaking process of pin boning and hand rubbing each fillet in a unique cure mix and smoking the fish."

And, on the matter of quality, we recently re read something Simon Johnson, the man and prince of buyers had to say about quality...

A month ago The Australian newspaper celebrated Simon's 25 years in the business with a lovely profile. We thought you'd like to read what Simon had to say about quality and expense:

"...there's always a reason for the expense... look at olive oil... you can buy cheap olive at the supermarket for around $4 for 750ml or you can pay $40 for Joe Grilli's... they are two different products, and if you do a flavour assessment, you will see that immediately... to get the best olive oil,  you lose about 30 per cent... at harvest; and then, during cold pressing, you lose another 30-40 per cent. There is cost involved in that. That's the price of quality. And encouraging people to trade up to quality is what I do: it's what I love doing."

Hear, hear Simon!

Fresh Fish @ North Sydney too...

Omega 3 for Sale! We'll be selling Fresh Fish @ Northside Produce Market tomorrow... Come along and get your weekend's supply of Omega 3 with our fresh Flathead Fillets, Atlantic Salmon and Ocean Trout fillets, all vacuum packed for you to enjoy for your weekend BBQs and Fish & Chips - YUM!

Ocean Trout

Vino Paradiso

We're planning our three Brilliant Food days at Vino Paradiso running from 31 October to 2 November at Australian Technology Park.

With 15,000 to 20,000 people anticipated to visit, we're having fun estimating the amount of fish and other ingredients we have to buy and prepare! It's quite mind boggling as it will be far and away the largest food and wine expo Brilliant Food has been involved in! Wish us luck!

We'll be showcasing our signature Hot Smoked Ocean Trout, Wood Smoked Salmon, Smoked Kingfish, and our delicious Smoked Ocean Trout and Kingfish Rillettes, Wasabi Cream, and Pickled Tuscan Red Onions. And our individual Smoked Fish Pies for all those wanting something extra to go with the fabulous range of alcoholic beverages on offer!

Don't forget, you get a 20% discount on tickets when you quote our codeword BRILLIANT when you purchase your tickets.

Markets this weekend

All our regular markets tomorrow, Saturday 18th, plus North Sydney:

Northside Produce Market: Saturday 8am-12pm
EQ/Village Market: Saturday 8am - 3pm
Eveleigh Market: Saturday 8am - 1pm       
Orange Grove Market: Saturday 8am - 1pm

Enjoy the weekend, Brilliant Food'ers... we will!

The Team @ Brilliant Food