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12 Dec 2014

Markets Markets Markets!

Markets Markets Markets!

Don't forget to pick up your Xmas Orders

This weekend we are everywhere! Saturday is Castle Hill, Eveleigh, EQ/Village and Orange Grove. Sunday is Blackheath.


Your Xmas Orders are on their way to Castle Hill for pick up on Saturday. And a couple of Xmas Orders are on their way to Eveleigh and EQ/Village for pick up on Saturday too.

Next Wednesday 17 will be the first major pick up day for Xmas orders at EQ/Village and we'll be sending you email reminders.

Xmas gift idea - The Field Guide to Tasmanian Produce

We've subscribed to The Field Institute's e-newsletter. If you've never heard of The Field Institute, here's some information on their work:

"a design-led research, communications and strategy office focused on the food and agriculture sector... Using design and creativity to unlock new thinking within the chain of food production, supply, and consumption... aiming to reconnect producers and consumers, bridging rural to urban..."

Their new website is dedicated to the people and ideas behind the food we eat, and aims to make it easier to go to the source, access ideas and events and understand the ever-increasing role of disruptive thinking, innovation and creativity in reshaping the world of food.

This week's newsletter features their Guide to Tasmanian Produce - could be a great Xmas present @ $25! See for yourself.


Final retail orders this week

We're taking orders for final Xmas deliveries to our retail stockists on Monday 22 December... it gets kind of scary in the smokehouse and organising delivery logisitics but you'll be pleased to hear that everything is under control!

See you @ markets this week...

Castle Hill: Sat 8am to 12 noon
EQ/Fox Market: Sat 8am - 3pm
Eveleigh Market: Sat 8am - 1pm       
Orange Grove Market: Sat 8am - 1pm
Blackheath: Sun 8am to 12 noon

The Team @ Brilliant Food