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05 Dec 2014

We've got fish!

We've got fish!

You wouldn't believe it would you ---- we've got holiday season fish!

Fish for pre Xmas parties, fish for Xmas, fish for New Year's Eve and even fish for your beach or country holiday.

There's delicious Ocean Trout, Atlantic Salmon and Hiramasa Kingfish - all cured and then hot smoked as only Brilliant Food can! And of course there's our sublimely fresh Ocean Trout cured and sliced into the delectable and extra special Ocean Trout Gravlax.


And, all this fish comes in any size from fillets (or sides) weighing up to and over 1kg to portions or packs ranging in size from 500g, 350g, 250g and 100g.  

What's more, we've got moorish Smoked Ocean Trout and Smoked Kingfish Rillettes, Wasabi Cream and Pickled Tuscan Red Onions...


What more could you want? Ah, to make sure that if you buy now, it will last through until you need it...

Best before dates

Our 21 day shelf life for all our smoked fish, and smoked fish products like rillettes means that anything you buy this weekend should have a use by date of 25 December. Gravlax though, because it's cured only and not hot smoked, is 14 days and so its use by date is 18 December currently.

And, if you're buying next weekend the date goes out by a week, so you will be well and truly covered for New Year's Eve and beyond!

If you think we are worthy - nominate us for the delicious. 2015 Awards!

Thank you for last year which saw us win the From the Sea Artisan delicious. 2014 Award for our beautiful Smoked Kingfish - Hiramasa! We were so thrilled.

A year goes by quickly, and it's time to consider whether we're again worthy for a nomination for the 2015 Awards. Nominations are now open in the following categories:

• From the Earth • From the Sea • From the Dairy • From the Paddock
• Outstanding Farmers' Market • ABC Local Radio Community Award

Entry forms area available here. If you are already a member of www.taste.com.au, simply click the log in button. If not, click sign up to register with Taste and enter the competition - it's easy!

SMH Growers' Market Pyrmont here we come...

Last Saturday of the year @ Pyrmont tomorrow; how we love this market! Its waterside position and its great headline chefs who contribute all year round make it a standout market.

One of our favourites, Good Food writer and chef Karen Martini will be sharing recipes from her new book Home to inspire your Xmas day spread. And you can win a wonderful Xmas hamper... come and see us there. Also this weekend, we'll be at:

EQ/Village Market - Saturday 8am - 3pm
Eveleigh Market - Saturday 8am - 1pm
Orange Grove Market - Saturday 8am - 1pm

Don't forget - your Xmas order market pick up dates start next Saturday 13 @ Castle Hill, and then roll out from Wednesday 17 @ EQ/Village and then Saturday 20 @ all markets... Last factory pick up date is Thursday 18 December.

It's coming quickly now!

The Team @ Brilliant Food